Joel D Hammock was born in Miami, Florida with current residence in Orange County Florida for the past 64 years. Mr. hammock worked for the family-owned Hammock Brothers Roofing from 1970 to 2002. Joel D Hammock has been licensed as a State Certified Roofing Contractor since 1980. During that time, he managed business operations for the commercial roofing division. Mr. Hammock has extensive experience in leak detection and repair methods. Mr. Hammock joined WJA in 2002 and currently leads our team for insurance related roof investigations and determining the cause of damage, repairability and replacement requirements, and legal opinions. Other services include inspections for new construction with various types of applications, conducting pre-construction meetings, submittal and specification reviews, and Q & A monitoring and reporting. Hammock is recognized in the Civil Courts of Florida as an expert witness in the roofing field.